Growing up there was nothing in the world more comforting than being at Nana and Grandad's house in Middle of Nowhere, Texas. No way to order pizza or go out to eat without driving to town. So, we learned to cook. Everything at Nana's house has always revolved around food, and it still does! Now that the cousins have grown up and moved to the city and are starting lives on our own, we get together once a week with our Uncle Kelly for "Niece Night" to put all we've learned to practice. Nana gave us all cookbooks for Christmas this year with all old family recipes and basically anything she's ever made for us through the years. We decided to make this little blog not only to share our recipes but as another fun thing to do together.

Micah, oldest grand-girl

(Micah put a pic of yourself here and a bio!)

Elizabeth, middle grand-girl

I'm the quiet, soft-spoken, third grandchild and middle grand-girl who typically takes the backseat to my cousins, Micah and Justin, and my little sister, Hallie. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Growing up with Micah and Hallie, I never got many words in, and still don't, but their stories and conversation makes me love my family even more! I recently graduated with a degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics with a minor in Agricultural Communications. I am currently working on my master's degree in Agricultural Communications and hope to graduate in May 2013. (Obviously, I enjoyed school so much I decided to stick around.) Growing up, Nana and Grandad's house was our own personal sanctuary and resort. So many of my childhood memories were made there. This blog will be filled with memories, many of which will be about food, but many will not. Nana's kitchen is where we always congregated and where the memories started, so there is no better name than "Nana's Kitchen" to document them all. Cornbread was one of the first things Nana taught me to cook and it is still one of my favorites to make. Nana taught me to cook it and Grandad taught me how to eat it the right way; with the perfect ratio of butter and Molasses. It's the perfect treat after a big supper. I learned so much from my Nana and Grandad, and I still am. How to soothe burns with fresh Aloe, how to eat pepper on my eggs, how to NOT get stuck in the mud when driving, how to cook a mean Salmon Patty, how to sew straight lines AND curves (well, kinda sorta) and so much more. I have a passion for cooking real, homemade, hearty food. My sister is the baker, and I am more of a "Sunday Dinner" cook, and my roots in cooking came from my Mama and my Nana. There's no way I could have learned it all on my own, and there is still so much to discover. I can't wait to share our memories and recipes!

Hallie, baby of the family

I'm the youngest grandkid so naturally I'm the spoiled ''free-spirited' one. I'm a college student majoring in Agricultural Communications and I work in the cotton industry (making Grandad proud!). I'm Elizabeth's little sister and Micah's twin-cousin. My favorite thing to make with Nana growing up was chicken-n-dumplings because I loved rolling out the dough. My favorite memories of being at Nana's were climbing trees with my sister and best friend who lived a few miles down the road (the closest neighbor in the country) who is still my best friend, picking peaches, chasing Oreo around the yard, gardening, sewing, and scrap-booking with Nana, riding around the farm with Grandad, having tea parties, playing dress-up, watching the sunset on the swing in the backyard, bedtime bread-butter-sugar sandwiches (the only thing Grandad ever fixed me to eat), taking walks down the dirt road to the old school-house, and of course COOKING. My favorite food is Tex-Mex, and like any Texas girl, I love chicken-fried-steak (or ANYTHING fried, for that matter), BBQ and burgers. I have a passion for baking and I've become the cake-lady, so I always bring the birthday cake to parties and I always bring the apple pie to Thanksgiving. I try to eat as healthy as possibly on a regular basis, but when I get together with the family, I love to indulge. Some of the recipes I post may be straight from Nana's cookbook and others may be healthier versions of her meals. But don't worry I will never not use butter, whole milk, and real sugar in my cakes and I will never turn down homemade gravy!

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  1. Come on Micah! where is yours? These made me laugh and cry so I can't wait for yours.